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My New “Not So Subtle” Tee’s

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Who doesn’t like a great t-shirt?

As an artist I live in tees and often find myself scouring the flea markets (segundas here in Mexico) in search of the perfect tee with a phrase that resonates with my artistic lifestyle.

After many failed attempts, I thought “why not” come up with my own designs & phrases and offer other creative souls as well as myself some wearable, meaningful t-shirts.

For a few weeks I carried a small notebook with me and every time an idea came to mind I would jot it down, then played with designs and fonts... BOOM! Mission accomplished!

My new, thought provoking line of T’s is finally ready “YIPPEE”!

With a wide range of colors and styles, a selection of expressive thoughts geared towards the artist, now you too can show off your creative soul.

Spread the power of creativity and positive vibes by something as simple as a t-shirt and don’ t be surprised if it starts a conversation the next time you’re standing in line at the grocery store.

More to come as I roll into 2021......stay tuned my Creative Tribe

Unleash that creativity, it does magic for your soul ☝️!

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